Skye is earthbound once more, but she finds that many events have occurred in her absence. Skye has a few pleasant conversations, Gjendin gets some la...View Details

The investigations continue at the Witchlight Carnival as Amanda reveals her purpose for coming here. In addition, a show is ruined by audacious heckl...View Details

In this very special episode, we get an exclusive with Skye Diver as we learn what she has been up to since she left to investigate her apartment. Joi...View Details

It has been 8 years since the Witchlight Carnival left town. The countryside of Kinsath finds itself on the brink of war and the carnival is desperate...View Details

The party once finds themselves in the disheveled ruins of the Playtime Carnival. Eager to track down the cause of the strange murders, the party tumb...View Details

The children visit the tracks, where they get a chance to race snails at breakneck speed, courtesy of Kwik-Slik, rated "most slippery" among snail rac...View Details

A serendipitous lead has guided the party to the Playtime Carnival, an amusement park that ties Warso's past with that of the other orphaned children....View Details

We begin a new adventure as Dice Carnival and The Homebrew work together to bring you The Wild Beyond the Witchlight. This adventure is played with D&...View Details

15 Years since the last string of murders, a new paranormal killer has risen again. Threatening to terrorize the streets and leave more children orpha...View Details

After deciding they had enough experience for one lifetime in the city's Spirit Ward, our crew decides to pay Hugo's club a visit. But when Hugo gets ...View Details

After completing their first quest and enjoying the benefits of level 3, the party (along with Warso) decides to take a break from the Spirit Ward and...View Details

When we last left off, the party along with their new companion Warso (played by Johnny from the MGN) learned they were not the first to reach out to ...View Details

Face-to-Face, the party meets the Twisted Dagger's Kingpin and learns of the task she wants them to complete for her. What disturbing secrets does Cra...View Details

The party's adventures in the Crème N' Cherry continue... but before they can meet with Cranberry Caledonia, secrets must be uncovered. Soup discovers...View Details

The party takes Cranberry Caledonia up on her offer to visit her private club, the Crème n' Cherry, but not without some disguises. Will they remain o...View Details

Death means something different to all of us, but for none more than Gjendin. As this shocking episode unfolds, so do some elements of the mystery. Ho...View Details

Things continue to look worse for the party as they quite literally fight for their lives before Cranberry Caledonia. Everyone is wondering who will d...View Details

Even when you're looking for trouble, it finds a way to sneak up on you. The party finds themselves in the audience and at the mercy of Cranberry Cale...View Details

After some much-needed sleep, our heroes wake up to a new day of proving their own innocence in the eyes of the law. They have many errands to conside...View Details

This episode was brought to you through a collaboration with Mighty Misfits Menagerie and was streamed live on their Twitch channel (https://www.twitc...View Details

This episode was brought to you through a collaboration with Mighty Misfits Menagerie and was streamed live on their Twitch channel (https://www.twitc...View Details

Our heroes arrested and a murderer still on the loose as we pick up the pieces from what previously transpired at The Crocodile's Ballgown. Each playe...View Details

In this week's episode of Electrival, we feature the stunning conclusion that is the attack on The Crocodile's Ballgown. Will Gjendin, Soup, Hugo, and...View Details

Welcome to the fourth episode of our chilling playthrough, in which we play House of Lament, from Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft. The gnomes experie...View Details

Welcome to Electrival, a story set in a galvanizing world of the same name! We begin a tale of noir intrigue and electrifying spectacle, told between ...View Details

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